Living It Fully Everyday

May 16, 2018

At LIFE Home Health, we are Engagement Specialists. We help our clients live their lives fully everyday. We support our clients and their interests in tandem with engaging our community. In fact, giving back to our community is one of the pillars on which LIFE was founded. A wonderful by-product of being involved in our community is that it helps us create countless moments of joy for our team and our clients.

This past year, we were a Tulip Sponsor with the Parkinson’s Association of Southwest Florida Inc. for their Annual Heart and Sole Walk. LIFE, along with other community organizations, helped PASFI raise $30,000! Sponsoring this event was so much fun and gave us a chance to see members of our community living it fully!

LIFE Home Health also strives to partner with resources that unlock access to a comprehensive range of both medical and non-medical services. Of note, we recently introduced a non-traditional but effective service to our repertoire: music therapy.

Music, when used purposefully, supports development, health and well-being. We have therefore partnered with Sarah Dorna, a beautifully-gifted violinist, as a new way to engage our clients. Sarah works with our clients in a meaningful way by customizing her compositions to elicit fond memories of a person’s past. In addition to her musical ability, Sarah has a passion for mental, physical, and emotional wellness and has received her Master’s degree in Counselling. She is also a Certified Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator which means she pairs the strengths of clients with positive coping strategies so they can meet life’s inevitable stressors with poise and calm.

Sarah is just one example of the partnerships being developed by LIFE Home Health. We will continue to plant roots in our community by creating unique partnerships that bring our clients moments of joy. Active engagement is what makes a difference and that’s why we wear the title Engagement Specialist so proudly.

Want to know more about the ways that we engage our clients and our community? Schedule a consultation with one of our engagement specialists today by emailing us at or calling 239.444.5965.